So much has happened since March (BC) of this year.

2020: we all felt it. We all knew 2020 was supposed to be a special year. The last three years since 2017 did not give us a break regardless of astrology or numerology, this is energy-ology. There was just this energy that refused to let up. But 2019 heading into 2020 we felt it; something was different, something was about to change. We are all basically positive beings and since the last three years were intense; the conclusion was this change was going to be great and positive!
 Positive vibes all around we made big plans for 2020 and the new decade ahead. New Year new decade. 2019 bye bye.
Then something happened: it felt like the rug got pulled out from under our feet. Only to reveal multiple rugs. Then the minute we kind of regained our balance bam, another pull, then another and another. Leaving us disoriented and a bit, quite a bit overwhelmed. Not to mention exhausted.
 Then the dust sort of settled, and we kind of stood on solidish ground, but even this respite got shaken; with the recent (and on going) attack against black people. 
 This was a lot to settle with and digest, but the tipping point was all the requests that started coming in, (out of nowhere) for interviews and collaborations from white owned corporations. 
We chose to stay silent and process, process, process. The fact is, to react to the manifested is like combing the mirror to fix your hair. It will never work.
 I had to find what my/our core reaction to this new reality would be. It had to be from our values and our reasoning not from sound bites of social media posts. The fact that our cafe did not close, not even for a minute from March until now gave us a unique perspective. We did not react with fear or a feeling of doom. Remaining open allowed myself and my team a birds eye view.
Now thanks to the outpouring of love vibes from all colors from across the city and outside of the GTA.
We are able to see and know what our stand is and will remain. It’s what we do. Stay the course. Keep building, keep creating. Not a “black business” but a business and businesses. This is what we do, this is what we do well and this is who we are. It is our contribution to a positive movement forward. 
 Our mantra:
Should not be twisted. It does not mean we are smiling and happy all the time, that would be impossible. It means simply what it says. 
Your vibes speak louder than your words.
To all that have been showing good vibes. Stay Blessed

Kevin Allwood designer/Founder

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